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Fighting For Long Term Disability Benefits

When your application for long term disability benefits is denied it can be extremely frustrating,particularly if you are relying on financial aid to help you make ends meet. If you are deemed unfit to work, it can be a nightmare managing medical bills and monthly expenses and you may need all the help you can get. It is highly recommended that you consult a qualified insurance lawyer if your insurance company is denying you the benefits you deserve.

Unfortunately all insurance companies operate in a similar way, and will not approve you for any benefits without thoroughly investigating your claim and verifying its legitimacy. Whether or not your doctor supports your incapacity, the insurer will always have the final say and it can at times seem extremely unfair. This is why you will require the assistance of a good firm of experienced personal injury lawyers in Ontario, who can help you fight your case no matter how inflexible your insurance company seems.

In your initial application for benefits you would have been asked for medical information about your illness of injury and for your health-care provider to substantiate it. Sometimes they will even ask for your full medical records, even if you have only recently been diagnosed. This can be due to the company wanting to verify that your illness or injury was not pre-existing and to find any omitted or inaccurate information you may have provided. Any holes in your claim or evidence of misrepresentation will work against you and could lead to it being denied. Toronto insurance lawyers can help you assess the information you provided and find out if it is worth pursuing a second claim.

In many cases, claimants simply omitted certain information or made a minor error when they filled out their forms that the insurance company uses to justify denying the claim. This means that the victim misses out on what they are essentially entitled to simply because the information they provided was considered ‘insufficient’. They may also be required to undergo more tests or provide more medical files; these details can make the difference between a successful long term disability claim and a denied one. The insurance companies might be cold and unyielding, but it does not have to be the end of the road for your benefits claim.

If you are looking for an experienced Hamilton personal injury lawyer who can assess your claim then why not check out Share Lawyers. They specialize in long term disability insurance disputes and have 25 years of experience successfully disputing benefit denial. Share Lawyers adopt a compassionate, considerate approach to their clients and offer free consultations with no fees to pay until the case is settled. They are the personal injury lawyer Toronto recommends for anyone who is struggling to claim their long term disability benefits. If you need to contact a lawyer about your personal disability claim, accident or injury, you can get in touch with them via their website:

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