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How Your Old Phone can Help Manufacture Many Different Products.

The notion of recycling has been around for quite a while, and while most of us do our bit these days to help the environment by recycling household waste it wasn’t always the case. In its early days recycling was regarded by many as something a little bit odd, a practice carried out by ‘hippies’ and others on the periphery of mainstream society. This changed dramatically in the late eighties and early nineties when local councils began to see the many benefits, and now recycling is something we all take for granted.

One of the reasons for this shift was connected to the fears about using landfill as a means of getting rid of waste, and over the last five years recycling has spread to just about every aspect of our lives and this includes mobile phones.

Rather than throwing them away or leaving them in a kitchen draw once they have upgraded to a new model people are now typing recycle mobile or recycle Blackberry phones into Google before looking at to find out how they can make money and do a little bit to help the environment.

Just about all the materials used in mobile phones—including the metals, plastics and rechargeable batteries—can be recovered and later used in the manufacture of new products often unconnected to phones. For example, the metals which are retrieved are used in many different industries such as jewelry, electronics and the components used in cars.

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